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TAFE POWER Diesel Generators stand out for their quality, reliability, and superior technology. They provide cost-effective operations, high fuel efficiency, and a higher value offering. Our generators are safe, highly customizable and can be built based on the application and customer requirements. TMTL is one of the fastest-growing businesses in India, with a strong foothold in the telecom industry.

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The Engines from TAFE POWER has its origin in German engineering and technology. The engines are used as prime movers in agro-industries, tractors, power generators, marine, front loaders, bitumen sprayers, firefighting pumps, water pumps, mud pumps, compressors, water drill rigs, and other applications.

The engines range from 12-160 hp. The air-cooled engines cover 12 to 66 hp, and the liquid-cooled engines range from 57 to 160 hp. All the engines above 48 hp are turbocharged, along with the after-cooler from 60 hp and above.

About TAFE Power

TAFE’s 60-year-old rich legacy, combined with its expertise in manufacturing diesel engines for the Indian subcontinent, drives the TAFE POWER brand of Diesel Generators and Engines for Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, and the Americas. TAFE, through its wholly owned subsidiary, TAFE Motors and Tractors Limited (TMTL), has played a pioneering role in the manufacturing of diesel engines in India. TAFE POWER diesel generators have low operational costs, high fuel efficiency, and a higher value offering at an affordable price.

They are safe, highly customizable, and can be built based on the application and customer requirements. TMTL engines have their origins in European engineering and technology and are currently being used as prime movers for various applications such as tractors, power generation, construction equipment, agriculture equipment, marine applications, and various pumping applications, including firefighting, dewatering pumps, etc. TAFE has established technical partnerships with prominent international companies, including AVL from Austria, Sisu Diesel, Valtra from Finland, and Ricardo Consulting from the UK, through TMTL. Read More

About Greener Alternative Solutions

Greener Alternative Solutions (G.A. Solutions) specializes in providing customized and cost-effective energy solutions to meet the unique needs of clients. From supplying gas-fired prime movers for power generation to industrial machines, along with spares and maintenance support, G.A. Solutions excels in local capabilities. Leveraging substantial experience in load profile assessment and energy-cost optimization strategies, the company empowers end-users with informed decisions for enhancing energy efficiency and cost optimization.